Jade's mavenized

Hi all ! Jade 4.5.3 is now available through maven. You can thus directly integrate it within your projects as a dependency. See the download page Here is what we plan for now: Communication/Community Launch a survey on what the users expect to see in Jade’s next core-releases Invite researchers/devs/teachers/students to joint us Create a Jade Twitter account Develop online courses on Jade Develop the start-jade project so that tutorials and available examples on how to use jade grow Code Intend to import the full jade-svn-history on the git repo Offer maven import through jitpack Plan an annual release + nightly builds through CI Make use of Java' last functionnalitities Offer a tools lib for commonly needed but not core functionalities (service registration,. [Read More]

Jade's reloaded

Hi all ! This project is a fork of the JADE Framework (4.5) motivated by the fact that the team that successfully developed it cannot continue to work on it anymore. We can’t thank them enough for the contribution they have made to the field of multi-agent systems, and we hope, by setting up this repository, that the community will be able to pursue their work on Jade and the dissemination of MAS' approaches and ideas. [Read More]