Hi all !

Jade 4.5.3 is now available through maven. You can thus directly integrate it within your projects as a dependency. See the download page

Here is what we plan for now:


  • Launch a survey on what the users expect to see in Jade’s next core-releases
  • Invite researchers/devs/teachers/students to joint us
  • Create a Jade Twitter account
  • Develop online courses on Jade
  • Develop the start-jade project so that tutorials and available examples on how to use jade grow


  • Intend to import the full jade-svn-history on the git repo
  • Offer maven import through jitpack
  • Plan an annual release + nightly builds through CI
  • Make use of Java’ last functionnalitities
  • Offer a tools lib for commonly needed but not core functionalities (service registration,..)
  • Improve code reusability and agent’s ability sharing to better benefit of community developments.
  • Add and prioritise functionalities according to the community insights

The survey should be launched by the end of september 2021.

All contribution are welcome, join us on discord !