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Package jade.core

This package contains the microkernel of JADE system.

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Package jade.core Description

This package contains the microkernel of JADE system. Three main assets are contained within this software package:
  1. Base Agent class, with fundamental message passing and behaviour scheduling capabilities.
  2. Distributed objects runtime environment to support agent platform.
  3. Set of pre-built behaviours for basic task structuring needs.
This package features provide a simple message passing system with multiple transport protocols (Java events within the same Java Virtual Machine, RMI across Java Virtual Machines belonging to the same JADE platform, and standard IIOP protocol to communicate with different agent platforms) and a multithreaded execution environment for software agents, with preemptive inter-agent scheduling and cooperative intra-agent scheduling.
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These are the official JADE API. For these API backward compatibility is guaranteed accross JADE versions